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IronSmalltalk roadmap

first post: podehnal wrote: Hello, I am wondering if the project is still progressing or what...

latest post: podehnal wrote: **todort wrote:** > As today, the roadmap is to create a stable ver...

Any possibility of getting a .sln for 2008?

first post: tggagne wrote: I've only a copy of VS 2008, and can't open the solution file. Whi...

Second Try ...

first post: todort wrote: Hi Guys,This is another attempt at creating a Smalltalk on top the ...

latest post: tggagne wrote: Keep up the work. I'm anxious to play with it.

Still going?

first post: CarlGundel wrote: Hey!Cool project. Are you still working on it?-Carl

latest post: treytomes wrote: I haven't had time for the past couple of months. I plan to get ba...

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