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IronSmalltalk Components (Assemblies) Overview:
  • Runtime Components written in .Net:
    • Common (few classes shared between the compiler and the runtime)
    • Runtime (the core of IST; this is the brain and the heart)
    • Compiler (parses Smalltalk source code and creates ASTs)
    • Definition Installer (modifies the Smalltalk environment, e.g. creates clas, globals, methods etc.)
    • Interchange Installer (a definition installer that uses interchange files (*.ST files) to set up/modify the environment)
    • AST JIT Compiler (compiles ST ASTs to DLR ETs/Expressions)
    • Hosting (needed to host IST as language inside the DLR, but not necessary)
  • Smalltalk Class Library
    • The standard class library - it doesn't need more introduction
  • Development Tools
    • Class Hierarchy Browser / Editor (a tool written in .Net for the purpose of developing the class library - this is an internal dev. tool)
    • Test Playground (all type of experimental garbage)
    • Unit Tests

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